22052011 Details

220511 contains material from the very start of my first efforts with midi recording. Most of the synthesizer tracks are Absynth, one Wusikstation and a couple of Halion. One track is from my Yamaha Motif synth. Everything is layered, and always shifting in timbre. The analog birdsong tracks are live recordings, except from low end filtering nothing is done. This is the sound of many real birds singing together! Recording date 22th of May 2011 for the main bird recording (beginning and end) the second birdsong recording (middle part) is from a green area in Copenhagen, Denmark. Close to the end, the reverberance sound in the background is also a live recording (Germany) from the inside of a cathedral. Maybe one can approach this piece as a sort of musical mood meditation, there are no drums, and some of the melodic lines are very long. All in all, there are 17 tracks/layers.
Image: Dual layer Axiom air 25 and butterfly.