Perpetual Details

Almost Perpetual is based on 16th notes, and they are played almost constantly for the 10 minute duration of the piece. The perpetual theme has a happy and a sad ending, the happy evolves, the sad can't find a continuation. On top of that, a number of other themes play an important role, and they are somewhat connected. All in all, there are 20 voices. Analog tracks, synth melody/harmony tracks, 3 bass layers, ( 2 Halion and a sample Rickenbacker) and drums.
For the g minor episode close to the end, I changed drums and their tuning to g minor. All drums are EZ Player.
Before the breakdown, I introduce a drum theme, almost Bolero-like, and this theme leads towards the breakdown and end of the sad version of the main theme. At the very end, all that remains is the 16th notes and the drum theme, going away (perpetually?) in the distance, left and right, in their own direction.
Image: Dual layer: Absynth patch and M-Audio Axiom air 25.