Electrical music - Complete list.
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Link to my webshop at Gateway Music. Here, you can buy my CD, or go to the platforms for single file download. Click here!
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Electrical Music

Title Included Instruments Duration Composed Type of Music
No Habanera Grand Piano/El. Piano El. Guitar, El. Cello, Synths, Bass, Drums 6.49 2015 Relaxed
Almost Perpetual El. Guitars, El. Cello, Synths, Bass, Drums 10.04 2015 With Colors
Etude Synths 6.06 2016 Just for fun!
22052011 Synths,live recordings,live birdsong recordings 20.39 2013 Long, Meditative
Nameless Elegy El. Guitars, El. Cello, Synths, Organ, Bass, 2 drumsets, Perc 22.28 2018 Dark, Complex

About the music
This music is, above all, personal. I play all of the instruments, record, mix and master as well. With a background in classical music and high fidelity/electronics/loudspeakers, it is natural that I want to use this experience in as many ways as possible. As a consequence, this music is mixed and produced for hifi listening, preferably with high quality equipment. I use all of the frequency range, bass can be as low as 20 Hz, and dynamics are very large compared to standard internet streaming tunes. My music takes time, as much time as I need to tell the story.
Quality is another matter. Everything is recorded i 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, and this is what I would like the listener to experience. However, there are market restrictions,and other practical limits, for instance file size (when you choose to compose long tunes!)
My choice is to offer my music for download as single files, and as a CD album. Link to Webshop and Downloads here, and on top of this page.
Link to my webshop at Gateway Music (opens in new tab)
All of the musical examples are (due to web page size requirements).mp3 files, but with a quality set of headphones, you get a fair impression of the music. With cheap computer speakers, you lose about 80 pct. of the musical information.
Since my music is quite different from piece to piece (maybe you don't like all of it!!), it seemed natural to add the possibility to buy/download single files.
This site links to my webshop (Gateway Music) where you can buy the CD, and to the platforms for file download. My music does not exist on any streaming platform, and I intend to keep things like that.
So, welcome to listen to the music examples, hope you will find it interesting!!
My electrical music CV is here:Electrical CV (opens in new tab)